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The results of a major research programme into the cost effective use of fibre reinforced composites offshore, undertaken as a Joint Industry Project by a consortium of universities and contractors are presented in this report.

The report includes a detailed (54 page) summary of current offshore composite applications, followed by a review of the 43 projects conducted during the programme which spanned 13 years and four phases of research and considered the following performance issues – fire, blast/impact, environmental durability, elevated temperatures, jointing, long term behaviour, non-destructive inspection and structural design. These are related to the use of pipes, panels, secondary structures e.g. gratings, walkways etc. and top-side structures.

The report is intended for use as an information source for engineers involved in the use of composites offshore. The most significant advances have been in the areas of pipework and fluid handling, driven by their light weight and corrosion resistance compared to metals.

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